About Our Assisted Living Facility

As people age, they often times need more assistance; it is our goal at Valiente Senior Living to provide compassionate care focused on the elderly. We create a safe and secure environment for all of our elderly care residents because we ultimately want our community to be a place that they can call home.

Founded in 2015, we pride ourselves on the high-quality, compassionate senior care that every staff member holds close to their hearts. We believe in quality care that comes from quality people. Our assisted living residents are a part of our family; we go the extra mile every day to ensure that their needs are met, they are comfortable, and they are happy. We believe that what makes us stand out is the value we put on communication and forming a strong bond with each one of our senior living residents. We want to build a personal relationship that is based on trust, compassion, and love, focused on the quality of care that our seniors deserve.

Our Assisted Living Facility’s Mission

We don’t just want to create a place where our residents can stay; we want to found a place that our residents truly love calling their home. Having an active management staff rounds off the many reasons why Valiente Senior Living is considered a premier provider of senior care services in Texas. It’s not uncommon to see management in the building during nights and/or weekends, often with kids or grandkids in tow. The business isn’t just a “family environment,” but instead, our families, staff, and residents are all considered actual family to us. You simply won’t find more of a “family-owned” business than Valiente Senior Living.

Innovative Memory Care

When other assisted living facilities in the area are unable to provide proper memory care for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients, they are often referred to our facility. Not only are we innovators in the industry, our focus is on providing our senior living residents with a high quality of life where they can feel at home.

We are not a nursing home or your average assisted living center; we are a home for the elderly to enjoy the life that they live. You can trust us to provide the kind of care that we too hope to have one day. Contact us online or call us today at 877-372-9658 to find out how your loved one can become a part of our assisted living family.

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