General Care

Respect and Compassion Come First

At Valiente Senior Living, our staff members are treated with respect, and we expect the same treatment to be given to each one of our residents as well. Both our staff and our residents are considered family to us, which creates a stable senior living environment founded on trust, compassion, and honor.

We believe that we are able to stand out in our community as the leading assisted living center for elderly care because of the dedication and commitment that we put forth in all that we do. We only hire the best and are constantly training our staff, so that they know the latest ways to treat all of our patients no matter what they be going through.

Senior Care Is Our Passion

Our goal is to always put our assisted living residents and families first by establishing strong communication between both our staff and the family members of the residents that reside at our assisted living facility. We strive to have every family feel comfortable when they are leaving the building; we want them to know that they don’t have to worry when they leave because their loved one is in the best hands possible. From the top down, our love for seniors and their well-being is obvious.

Assisted Living, With Love

Our many years of experience have led our family-run business to be able to provide quality care on many different levels to all of our residents. Whether you are looking for a safe place for your loved ones to enjoy their lives or need help keeping up with their medical problems, our dedicated senior care staff knows what to do. What we do, we do with love

Our memory care facility is top of the line for treating memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s and providing dementia care. From wheelchair-bound residents to high risk and forgetful ones, when your loved one is with us, they are not just living in assisted care; they are living in a assisted living facility filled with love and family in a place that they can call home.

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