Accident Proofing Your Living Space

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Senior citizens, especially those who are residents of an assisted living facility, are susceptible to severe injuries caused by falls. Due to the fragile nature of the elderly, even short falls can result in heavy bruising, broken bones, or worse. However, by following a few simple rules of thumb, it is rather easy to accident-proof the living space of your loved one. The next time you visit your family or friends at Valiente Senior Living, take a few minutes to help make your loved one’s assisted living space easier to navigate and help prevent the possibility of a fall.

Night Lights are an affordable way to provide additional lighting in hallways and bathrooms. They can help seniors more easily find their way after dark as well as minimize dark spaces in closets or pantries.

Tidy Up your loved one’s assisted living space to help avoid clutter that could lead to a fall. While many seniors prefer to keep stacks of magazines and newspapers for reading material, these stacks of papers can cause problems if they tumble over because they could cause your loved one to slip or become injured while trying to clean up the mess.

Fasten Rugs such as welcome mats and kitchen pads using an adhesive tape that can be removed later. By limiting the rug’s ability to slip, you will help minimize your family member’s chance of falling while staying at our assisted living facility.

At Valiente Senior Living, we want to make sure that our senior care residents are able to enjoy their twilight years. If you have an additional tip for accident proofing a loved one’s living space, please leave a comment in the blog!



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