Accident Proofing Your Living Space

Senior citizens, especially those who are residents of an assisted living facility, are susceptible to severe injuries caused by falls. Due to the fragile nature of the elderly, even short falls can result in heavy bruising, broken bones, or worse. However, by following a few simple rules of thumb, it is rather easy to accident-proof […]

Aggressive Behavior in Your Loved One

It can be tough to know how to help a loved one who struggles with dementia. We at Valiente Senior Living understand that our residents have unique needs and responses to their dementia symptoms. Many of our residents’ families are unsure how to help their loved one when he or she is struggling and acting […]

Caregivers Record Each Day

If you have been tasked with dementia care for a loved one, it is crucial that you record the struggles and victories of each day. In our previous blog, we wrote about the importance of setting SMART memory care goals each day, and today we will explore how and why to track the results over […]

5 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s & Infographic

Identifying the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s is crucial toward taking the appropriate steps to find treatment for the individual afflicted, and to keep them safe. That’s because early diagnosis is necessary for effective treatment to slow the disease, and it also gives family members a chance to plan for the future. SKIP TO EARLY […]

Is Your Loved One Suffering From Sundowning?

By their nature alone, Alzheimer’s and dementia are terrible diseases that cause immense suffering for the afflicted person as well as their loved ones. One of the primary reasons that memory loss is such a difficult ailment to care for is the person who is suffering may not fully understand what is happening to them. […]

Learn A New Card Game To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Do you remember the rules to your favorite card game? It probably would take a few minutes to work out the details, especially if it is a game you have not played in some time. However, for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or are experiencing another form of memory loss, remembering the rules to […]

Memory Care & Daily SMART Goals

Providing care to a loved one with dementia, even at early stages, is challenging in ways that most people are just simply not adapted to deal with. One major issue that caregivers for those with dementia, including Alzheimer’s patients with impaired memory, struggle with is setting achievable and realistic goals for each day that are […]

Possible Alzheimer’s Medicine In Cabinets Already

Brand new research published in the respected online journal Nature Communications suggests that, for the first time, a drug has been shown to not only treat but reverse the most common biological symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice. This is certainly shocking news to families of the 5 million suffering from this disease. Even more […]

Questions to Ask Loved One’s Current Memory Care Facility

There are a number of circumstances that can cause a family to wish to reassess their loved one’s care. You don’t have to wait for any signs of unhappiness to begin questioning them about their care practices and procedures. Remember, your family is essentially a customer, and the dementia care they provide your loved one […]

Welcome To The Valiente Senior Living Blog

Here at Valiente Senior Living, we consider every member of our staff and every resident of our assisted living facilities to be a part of our family. Because of this, we wanted to use our new blog to share information about our senior living communities in Cuero as well as our Magnolia facility opening later […]