Aggressive Behavior in Your Loved One

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It can be tough to know how to help a loved one who struggles with dementia. We at Valiente Senior Living understand that our residents have unique needs and responses to their dementia symptoms. Many of our residents’ families are unsure how to help their loved one when he or she is struggling and acting aggressively. We are here to help.

Why Are They Aggressive?

A loved one may shout or attempt to physically harm those around him when he is unsure where he is and what he is doing. Verbal or physical aggression is not meant to harm anyone; this aggression usually stems from fear or physical discomfort. This behavior can also come from being in an unfamiliar place or talking to an unfamiliar person.

What Can Be Done?

First, do your best to find the source of the aggression. What is the cause? Once you know the problem, you can speak to him calmly and reassure him that he is safe in his current location. It’s important to keep in mind the personality of your loved one and how he responds to different behaviors. Some of those with dementia like to be reassured while others prefer to be given space to adjust to their surroundings.

What Should I Avoid?

Don’t engage in the argument! This can trigger further aggression and can lead to injury. We recommend avoiding the word “no,” and recognizing that physically restraining your loved one is not the best solution.

Please contact Valiente Senior Living today to learn more about dementia care and our facilities. We look forward to speaking with you and helping your loved one.



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