Learn A New Card Game To Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Do you remember the rules to your favorite card game? It probably would take a few minutes to work out the details, especially if it is a game you have not played in some time. However, for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or are experiencing another form of memory loss, remembering the rules to a card game is a much bigger challenge. However, learning a new game is actually a great way for residents at memory care facilities to keep their minds sharp and may help enhance focus.

  • Fun Games For All Abilities

    Card games are great for Alzheimer’s patients because the game can be as simple or complex as necessary, depending on the capabilities of the resident who is wanting to play. Additionally, just about everyone owns a deck of cards which means the opportunities to play cards at a memory care facility are very frequent. Plus, because memory care residents seek out the best care possible, residents at Valiente Senior Living have a wide range of backgrounds which presents the chance to learn many different styles and variations of popular card games.

    Sharper Focus Takes Patience

    One of the reasons card games are useful in helping the brain stay sharp is card games are essentially an exercise in pattern recognition while learning the rules is akin to developing a routine. Games that involving matching similar cards such as Go Fish can still be fun for patients who have experienced advanced memory loss while more complicated games such as Hearts can help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia to increase their abilities to focus. However, while card games can be great fun, they can be confusing at first, so residents who are looking to learn a new game should be as patient as possible.

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