Possible Alzheimer’s Medicine In Cabinets Already

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Brand new research published in the respected online journal Nature Communications suggests that, for the first time, a drug has been shown to not only treat but reverse the most common biological symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice. This is certainly shocking news to families of the 5 million suffering from this disease. Even more shocking is just which medication was found to have this effect: a commonly used over-the-counter NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) used primarily for women’s menstrual pain: mefenamic acid. While human trials are not yet underway, it is exciting to know that a potential Alzheimer’s treatment—or dare we say cure—for this disease could be an easily accessible, over-the-counter drug?


Inflammation & Memory Loss

Experimental evidence has suggested that a potential biological explanation for the progression of memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients can be, at least partially, attributed to inflammation of tissue in the brain. The application of an NSAID to treat the inflamed area of the brain has the potential to reverse at least this portion of the disease’s progression, which could lead to a halt or reversal in the symptoms demonstrated by the disease. This is all still in the realm of speculation, but it is very exciting to even imagine the possibility of an Alzheimer’s treatment that can effectively reverse memory damage for the suffers of this terrible disease.

Hope is Wishful Thinking

dreamstime_xxl_33309022Of course, this is still in the realm of wishful thinking, but what is hope if not wishful thinking? Since this drug is already widely dispersed and will not need to go through the rigorous testing associated with the creation of a new drug, this has the potential to reach patients up to 15 years earlier. While it may be far from proven an effective, or even safe, treatment for current patients, it is reassuring to know that if this theory does lead to an effective human Alzheimer’s treatment, that patients at all income levels will be able to obtain this medicine far more quickly than a newly developed miracle drug.

Our Memory Care Facility

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